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Cellar door opening this weekend !!
Written by Karen Panton on 9th January 2015.

cc19096b301db38917235ecd6777ea9fWe didn’t quite make it for Christmas, and there are still a few little things to do, but we are opening tomorrow !!

All three ‘children’ have been home this week – mowing, labelling, stacking shelves, sweeping and doing other things I don’t seem to have time to do at the moment.

It has been so rewarding putting all the pieces together and although there are still a few more things to add we are so delighted with the result and proud of our labours.Now you will enjoy being able to come do a tasting, have a wine on the deck or simply stop by to pick up some wine to enjoy at your leisure.

The vines have been trimmed and vineyard mowed to help produce what looks to be a┬ávery promising vintage. Vineyard manager Mark has been focusing on thinning out the sangiovese crop this week to ensure it has the best chance of reaching it’s optimum level of ripeness.

In the chook shed we have new (and very cute) baby chicks that we have tried to keep cool in the heat whilst watching their progress.

The veggie garden is also starting to flourish and zucchini are back in every meal possible and there are nearly enough cucumbers to warrant pickling (greatly sort after in this household !!) It is also nearly time to bring out the preserving unit with a bumper crop of peaches.

We would love you to drop in and see us some time. At this stage we will be open 11am – 5pm on weekends and any changes to these opening hours will be updated on the website.

wishing you all a happy 2015

Karen Panton