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Panton Vineyard and cellar door update
Written by Karen Panton on 4th December 2014.

Where have the last 5 weeks gone ?! I did mean to post a couple of times but there has been so much activity here, and jobs to do, that days have passed by so quickly and I just haven’t got around to it.

The vineyard has been a hive of activity with the rapidly growing vines needing a lot of attention. Canopy management and constant monitoring of any disease pressure is our focus. Annoyingly our tractor is out of action for another couple of weeks but the Stonier crew has come to the rescue with their tractors and I spent hours on the ride on mower mowing in between the rows of vines on the weekend !!

The vintage is progressing really well so far – we have passed flowering and have consistently good fruit set throughout the vineyard so we are hoping for more of this sunshine and light breeze to continue.

The cellar door is really taking shape with floors sanded, a new coat of paint, new lights and a great feature wall of an image of our vineyard turned into wallpaper. I’d like to take credit for all these ideas but have to give credit to my friend Shani Anderson who with a couple of her friends, Felicity and Tracey, have helped me tie it all together.

I am really excited about the feel of the space and know it will be a very appealing place to visit and enjoy our wine.

Over the next couple of weeks the glasses should arrive and the shelving and tasting bench completed. We will also finish off the new car parking area not to mention sparkling up the entrance and gardens around the cellar door and many more jobs that seem to keep popping up.

We are still hoping to open before Christmas. I will keep you posted.

warm wishes